Disposable apron

Printing method

Silk printing

 Thick and clear printing
 Rght method for franchise companies

 Ideal for printing small orders of more than 1,000 sheets 

<Printable size>
Up to width 12 * length 12cm

Gravure printing

 Short printing time 
 Right method for PR 

 Ideal for printing bulk orders of more than 30,000 sheets

<Printable size>
Up to width 30* length 35cm

Printing guide

Select an apron you want

Attach logo AI file, type, number of sheets, contact number to email

Printing after confirming a draft

  Logo size
We adjust the logo size up to width x length 35cm

If the length is short and the width is long, we will adjust it to width 14cm and length 5cm.

  Logo color

Logo print color can be printed only as single tone, please specify the color you want

We recommend dark colors because the apron is white

Please note that it takes about 7 business days

  Account and inquiry

For questions or inquiries about tax invoices, please call us at 1670-6755. 

Recycling guide

SOFRON cares about the environment.
 Please send a used disposable apron back to SOFRON!

If you do not know how to throw it away or you are worried about the environment, or you are tired of post-processing,
collect only SOFRON aprons and send them back, and we will send them to a recycling company for more effective disposal


The delivery costs should be paid in advance and send it in a box.
Please note that payment on delivery or non-disposable aprons will be returned.

[Where to send] SOFRON / 36-19, 187 beongil, Gongneungcheon-ro, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (zip code 10260)
Phone number: 1670-6755

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